Coachella Recap



The week following Coachella is always the hardest. To handle our return to reality, we’ve rounded up our coolest moments during this epic weekend. Starting from the top:

1 РArriving in Indio! Kiara Schwartz of Tobruck Ave looking smashing in our suede crop top.
2 – All hands in for VIP access (and our Stanley sandals)!
3 – Nighttime VIP chillin’.
4 – The crowd at Kid Cudi.
5 – Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty killing it in our crochet pants.
6 – Lounging around in our bella swimsuit.
7 – Lana Del Rey doing her thing.
8 – The desert at night.
9 – Catching some gorgeous sun.
10 – Festival days.
11 – Kiara hanging out with Natalie in our fringe crop top.
12 – The bella swim suit looks good tucked into our flutter shorts.
13 – Keeping that retro vibe going in our radical rash guard.
14 – Spotted! Singer and Coachella performer ZZ Ward sporting her #MYOaffirmation bracelets.
15 – Dylana Suarez of Color Me Nana looking groovy in our daisy pants.
16 – Pharrell in his signature hat.

Love the girls’ style? Get their look: Kiara / Natalie / Dylana.

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