Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful + Grateful for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving, #GenGirls.

The Nail Files: Winter Nail Art

It’s about to be the most wonderful time of the year and we’re pretty stoked to have our nails feel the same. Here’s a round up of our favorite winter nail art.

Meet Team Gen: Visual Manager Jennie Lyle

Our stores always look pretty rad and we definitely owe it to our visuals team. We chatted with the person behind the set up, visual manager Jennie Lyle, to see how it all comes together.

Beauty 101: Showing Off Your Freckles

From a light sprinkling to a full collection, freckles are definitely having a moment. From the runway to the a kickstarter campaign, we’ve seen a rise of faux freckles. We’re not surprised. There’s a youthful quality to these sun-kissed spots. For those who have been naturally blessed with these beauties, here’s the best way to show them off.

Streetstyle: Turtleneck

Turtlenecks can be tricky. One false move and suddenly you’re in frumpy town. But it’s a classic and when styled right, can completely transform your outfit. Click through to see our favorite ways to rock the look.